Bead Search FAQ

What is Bead Search?
Search has been added to a number of bead catalogs to help sort beads into meaningful selections.

Is Bead Search on all catalogs?
Search is limited to catalogs where there are a sufficient number of beads. Generally at least two pages of beads.

Can beads be searched by color?
Color search is available as a search function. Click on the "Any" button under the "Color" title to search by color. A drop down list will display the colors available for selection.

How many colors can be selected for search?
The site is setup to provide searching by one color. Click on the color of interest and then click on the right most "Apply" button.

A color was selected and "Apply" clicked and the page displayed no beads.
You did everything correct. A black page will occur when there are no beads tagged with your color choice.

When looking at the color choice I find that many beads have more than the listed search colors.
Generally, two of the most prominent colors are selected for each bead. Some beads have many multiple colors thus it is impossible to list all colors. While others have no overall prominent color to select from. Color is only to be used as a guide - not a hard fast rule of absolute bead color.

What is SKU?
This is the abbreviation for "Stock Keeping Unit". Each item as a unique SKU number which is used for inventory identification.

How is SKU used for the site's search function?
The purpose of SKU is to sort beads by SKU number. Either ascending or descending.

Does OD (Outside Diameter) sort work the same way?
Yes, OD is searchable by ascending or descending and performs the same type of search function as SKU. It is useful if looking for blue beads listed in order by OD.

Is it possible to perform a multiple search?
Beads can be sorted by three functions all at the same time. As an example Red, OD and Descending in order. Make your search choice and then "Apply".